She Sells Sea Shells

Strange Local Whitstable Sightings
Various Species of Seagull, now featured on the Peter Cushing Song
Meteorite spotted by one old Lady, now known as "Daphne's Comet"
Local Fisherman Andy was seen using his own head as bait for deep Sea Shark Fishing, he was on Cider at the time.
Rare Flying Purple Jellyfish
The famous, yet shy "Sunburnt Butt Crab" makes a fleeting appearance once every 60 years
The Notorious "Ghost Sock of old Whitstable Harbour" has sent many an unsuspecting soul plunging off the Pier
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Cocteau Twins
"Song to the Siren"
One of our firm favourite Sea Shantys!
More amazing Trivia next time on She Sells Sea Shells........
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