The "Peter Cushing Lives in Whitstable" Song

Due to unprecedented demand from big name Movie and T.V celebrities, his numerous fan clubs, person's still humming this totally infectious tune, the whisperings in the Houses of Parliament, the general population of Transylvania and most of all, those of us
A Cult Classic!
The Jellybottys: Peter Cushing Lives in Whitstable
who love and cherish the memory of this Great British Screen legend, we, The Jellybottys are hereby honoured and thrilled to resurrect and unleash upon ye all! this Song dedication to Mr Cushing, Apparently,
We hope you enjoy the song, please tell your friends, your dogs, cats and any neighbourhood bats and remember, the song is a dedication to one of Britain's great artist's whom we knew personally from old whitstable town. We will always remember how he carried himself, like he was in another era, like he was one of the last of that rare breed "The English Gentleman" which he was, Shine on!
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We bumped into these guys one dark, foggy Whitstable night, but Mr Cushing sorted them out for us!
A Canine Fan!
The case continues.......
The Beginning........
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Mr Cushing at his enigmatic best!
What a Classic!
Another Canine Fan!
And another Canine Fan!
Gainfully Employed!
Life Long Friend!
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To coincide with the very exciting news that the "Peter Cushing Lives In Whitstable Song" has it's own special featurette section on the Q.I. TV Show series 'C' DVD release, hosted by Stephen Fry and Alan Davies, The Jellybottys have released their own 3 Track EP/Single of the Song also. Download the EP or Single MP3's Above!