Loueegy Bottijelli's Recipe for Life!

Always one for giving out good, sound advice on how to live a joyous, happy and fulfilling life, our Loueegy was recently asked by some enthusiastic young Jellybotty fans "What's your Secret then Mr Bottijelli? why are you always happy and how did you create such an amazing Wombat! Wombat! Wombat! bass guitar sound so vital to the Jellybottys wibbly backing rhythm?" This question immediatly prompted Loueegy, as ever in the best of spirits, to propose a game of "Seek and Find" so to speak, especially for his adoring young fans. The game is quite simple. On this page, if you search very carefully, you will start to find Loueegy's secret ingredients for a truly wonderful and inspired life, he has kindly donated this photograph, taken from the porch of his exotic caribbean studio hideaway just to put you in the proper mood. Once you find all the ingredients, combine in a careful and delicate, almost gourmet fashion and you will have an exquisite flavoured dish of life and a head start on anyone else who is not trying to achieve happiness the Bottijelli way! Good luck with the game and enjoy the feast!
True Happiness!
Mix Well
A Huge Loueegy Wombat Bass Classic Honouring The Wibbly!
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