Jelly Jim's Phijellosophy Portal

I have started writing a book regarding the mystic levels of accent called "The Seven Trees and The Two Birds"
2. You will heed the call of the inner Jellobin and when Mars caresses Uranus, "Gold like Chocolate will melt behind your Ears!"
3. That's you in the bubble, singing Jellobin anthems and cracking Walnuts with the Frisky Dibinkins, "You will always be with them!"
"Hallo, what's all this then?"
(C)The Jellybottys. All Rights Reserved 2015

Greetings Wibbly Wobblers and ordained Initiates of the Fellowship of Jellobin! It's Jelly Jim here. My sincere wish is that this Phijelosophy Portal will assisit you in your general transportation to the beautious inner world of Jellobia, enjoy your adventure!

More Cosmic Wanderings in Jelly Jim's other Dimension next Timelessness........

The Trouser Trumpets, Jelly Jim's Alter Ego!
A Jelly Jim all time favourite!
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