Jelly Jim - Elder member of the Jellybotty clan and a wise luber!. Plays the drums like he's washing the dishes in sea water. He has the uncanny ability to tune into the mystical rhythms of life forces hidden deep within the mountains and oceans of mother earth!
Loueegy Bottijelli - Wombat! Wombat! Wombat! goes the sound of his huge wobbly, yet manly bass lines. The veritable wibbly backbone of the Jellybottys. He has the uncanny ability to extract tunes and calories from anything and everything!
Deekstar Jellicious  - Loves aqua and gold things and tries to sing. Chingy! Changy! Chonga! goes the sound of the weirdest guitar chords you ever did hear! He has the uncanny ability to meet mermaids when no one else is looking!
Huge thanks to our Special Guests along the way! -  Jaqi Free, Ali Bali Cole, Dicky Dreadlock, Gary Sax, Boris Fu, Blue, the St. Andrews Close witches and not forgetting the Baby Jellybottys, Aaron, Arielle, Eva & Laura, we would like to thank you for your genius!
(C)The Jellybottys & rights reserved 2015
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