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The Jelly Priest Song – What’s It All About?

‘A Jolly Jelly Priest Celebrates The Retirement Of The Old Pope And The New Pope’s Arrival In Rome’

With No expense Spared, The Band’s £20 Overdraft Limit Annihilated, On Location In Italy With A Full Jellywood Production Company, 20,000 extras And A Ton Of Lard And 10 Years At The Legendary Jellabbey Road Studios Recording The Song. You Can Now Download The Jelly Priest Song For Silly Jelly Pennies In The Pound, Dollar, Yen, Euro or Spidoink!

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The Jellybottys: Jelly Priest

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new pope francis holding the jellybottys cd jelly priest

Jelly Priest Song is now available on iTunes HERE and Amazon HERE
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