Quotes From Famous Jellybotty Fans

"Oh Man! What a beat these guys have going on! I've been waiting years for this jelly music to arrive. These botty anthems will be my spiritual salvation from my presidential irresponsabilities!"
"I once had a vision that a shight in knightly armour would manifest himself in my life in the form of a genius butt wobblin' musical expressionist, I had no idea he would actually be a real highlander and a total #%&*! OOOH! what I would do with that lead singer and a tub of raspberry jello!"
"Now that my new iPod has arrived in paradise, I can listen to the botty's all day long! I feel like allah has blessed me with a thousand jellybeats!" (email address unavailable!)
"Wibbly Wobbly Wibbly Wobbly Yeeehaaaahhh!!!"
"As the manager and brains behind the band, it comes as no surprise to me that this sudden global bottybeat epidemic has erupted again!" It has been wobbling under the surface for many's a year!"
Absolutely Jellytastic!, what can I say? it was a joyous day for me as angie left and forgot about our overplayed old botty bootleg cassettes. I eagerly anticipate all the new song downloads straight onto my Mp3 player, forget streaming! All I can say, between gasps of disbelief and relief is, Vive La Jellybottys!" (Recent interview with Vague Magazine about being a Jellybotty nut whilst he was filming his latest bottybuster in paris)
Quote; "What a great Song!"
Quote; "Peter Cushing lived in Whitstable, when I lived in Whitstable".
Much gratitude and very big thanks to these two jolly chaps from the Q.I. tevelision show, Justin and John Lloyd for bringing the song back into the public's auditory receptors! xxx
More celebrity quotes from the "Jellobin Times" next month........
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"Peter Cushing Lives in Whitstable"
Q.I. TV Show's Animated Music Video