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Welcome Fellow Jellybottys!

Do The Donal – What’s It All About?

‘As A Giant Blondish Ginger Syrup Starts to Torment The Inhabitants Of Middle And Lower Earth, The Jellyheads Of Upper Earth Take Decisive Groovy Action’

With no amount of expensive organic hair gel spared and lots of over groped bottys worldwide spanking back at the syrup, we are not proud to present to you the only antidote we have at our disposal to undo the donal. You Can Now Download The Do The Donal Song For Silly Jelly Pennies In The Pound, Dollar, Yen, Euro Or Spidoink!

Download The Do The Donal Song From iTunes Here!

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Start Your Jellybottys Music Collection, Big Donal The Syrup Already Has!

Do The Donal Song The Jellybottys Single

The Do The Donal Song is now available on iTunes Here! Amazon Here! And Google Play Here!
Visit the Bandcamp Jellybottys Music Store Here
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