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Autumn – What’s It All About?

‘A Mysteriously Spellbinding Anthem Which Takes A Look At One Night The Band Spent As Special Guests Of A Wise Old Hag Called Grizzelda Who Led Them Down To The Deepest Darkest Woods Of Devonshire And Introduced Them To All Things Magical, Witchy, Pagan And Underwordly’

With No Expense Spared And Tribes Of Goblins On Board, The Jellybottys Present To You Their epic Wiccan Anthem ‘Autumn’. An old Devon witchy wife told the band to expect some mystical encounters on a dark Autumn night down in the shire, this is the secret video footage filmed on that strange evening! You Can Now Download The Autumn Song For Silly Jelly Pennies In The Pound, Dollar, Yen, Euro Or Spidoink!

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The Jellybottys: Autumn

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